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New York
James Schloeffel
Travel Blogger

With its bedbugs, traffic, stabbings and eye-watering rental rates, it’s not hard at all to see why New York is considered to be the most alluring city in the world. Here’s a list of a few of our top places to visit while trying to escape New York.

The Empire State Building

This 1930s icon was built in just one year and 45 days, about the same time it now takes to fill out a planning application form.


Trump Tower

Made from the crushed remains of Mexican immigrants, Trump Tower has a light at the top that is illuminated whenever a sexual assault takes place.

Wall Street

Permanently shut down in 2008 after taking the world to the brink of financial collapse.

Times Square

The only place in the world where humans come to willingly look at advertisements.

Fox News Headquarters

Each morning the leaders of the Republican Party come here to write the day’s news.

9/11 Memorial

A moving tribute to the 1,321 conspiracy theories that were born here.

Central Park

Birthplace of Melman, Gloria and Alex from Madagascar 2.

The Statue of Liberty

An iconic statute that immortalises the first American woman to waive her lighter in the air during a Bon Jovi concert.


A popular neighbourhood where white tourists can come to look at how black people live, without having to leave Manhattan.


This is where a young William Shakespeare got his first big break as a playwright.


This super-hip borough was named after David and Victoria Beckham’s second child.

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