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Why I love America
“Not many other countries have so much natural beauty to spare – breathtaking mountains, never-ending beaches, stunning natural forest, beautiful Indian reserves – America has built highways over them all.”
Rodrigo Benez
Cheap Mexican Writer
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Welcome to the Chaser's Guide to America, the complimentary digital companion to the Chaser's America book, available now in all failing bookstores.

On this site you'll find everything you thought you wanted to know, but didn't about the greatest country on earth Uzbekistan America. With guides on the top cities to avoid, and helpful information about how exactly American democracy doesn't work, you'll be sure to walk away from this site full of brand new facts about the US, some of which may even be true.

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Sport is America's favorite pastime, enjoyed by hundreds of millions of Americans each year, and played by dozens more
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American presidents have always said “God bless America”, but on November 8, 2016 it became clear God didn’t give a shit about America
Guide to Washington DC
The centre of Western power and democracy, DC is top of the list for anyone planning a US holiday or terrorist attack
Guide to American Democracy
The United States was founded in 1787 with a system of republican government where elected officials are answerable to the public. As a result, those elected officials have spent much of the past 230 years developing ways to circumvent this arrangement
Guide to New York
New York City is one of the most popular destinations for libtards, gays, feminazis, hippies, environmentalists, deadbeats, perverts, and tourists. Here, we explain some of the cesspool's most iconic sites
Guide To American Culture
America has more Nobel Prize laureates than Britain, more Baldwin brothers than China and slightly fewer shootings than Somalia. But what exactly is it that makes America so great
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